Finally, a Market Snapshot Worth Sending

Finally, a Market Snapshot Worth Sending.

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All the market data you need. Everywhere you are.

How's the market? 

It's a question you get asked everyday. The Market Snapshot was crafted to back you up in these situations.

It's part of an agent's Swiss Army knife! 

  • Show expert local market knowledge
  • Provide useful data that consumers want!
  • Choose ANY zipcode in Southern California!
  • Customized to your brand & logo
  • Delivered monthly
  • Send to past, current, and prospective clients
  • Print, email, social, postcards, etc. Endless possibilites!

Getting Started is Easy!

Step 1. Which zipcodes in Southern California do you want?

Your buyers and sellers live in the South Bay and on the Westside of Los Angeles. So, our Market Snapshots meet them there. From Agoura Hills, to Redondo Beach, and Malibu to Palos Verdes. If your zipcode is in Southern California, our Market Snapshot goes there!

Step 2. Local market data with your brand!

Buyers and sellers want to know what’s happening in the market and are looking for timely, relevant and resourceful data that helps them stay connected and informed on local market conditions.

Step 3. Delivered monthly, like clock-work

Stay relevant with customized market snapshots delivered every month. Endless opportunites meet endless possibilities—print, email, social, direct mail, postcards, reports, etc.

schedule market snapshot

Empower your clients with key market stats, get started today!

Keep clients, prospects and sphere of influence engaged and be the authoritative voice in your local real estate market with beautiful & accurate market snapshots.